The Maine Steiner’s Sing at BCS!

umaine steiners1

The Brewer School GT Music  and chorus department participated in a music workshop with the University of Maine, The Maine Steiner’s, UMO’s all-male a’capella group on Monday, May 19th at the Brewer Community School PAC.  Prior to the workshop the Steiner’s performed for the 7th and 5th grade during lunch in the cafeteria.

          The Maine Steiner’s, the University of Maine’s premier all-male a’capella group, is comprised of male singers from various musical backgrounds and areas of study. There are currently nine singers in the group, all of whom are members of the larger ensemble called the University Singers. The primary objective of the Maine Steiner’s is to entertain their audiences with a wide range of a’capella arrangements and choreography. However, the Maine Steiner’s are also advocates of increased involvement in the arts among primary and secondary school age children, and they are also crusaders for the preservation of music programs that are threatened by budget cuts. The Maine Steiner’s bring their message with them to children and young adults on semi-annual tours that have stretched across New England, The United States, and the world. Along with their message and their music, the Maine Steiner’s carry with them a rich history.

IPM Notice!

grub2The Brewer School Department annually applies specific herbicides and pesticides for both weed and grub control.

Weather permitting, Green Thumb Lawn Service will be performing the application, on all athletic fields, on Saturday, May 17th, at 9:00 a.m. Please keep off all athletic fields during the application, and until dry.

The chemicals being applied are Acelepryn (EPA Registration No. 352-734-82757) and Escalade 2 (EPA Registration No. 228-442).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brewer School Department’s Integrated Pest Management Coordinator,

Brian MacDonald at 989-8664—Director of Facilities Email Me