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Academic Support

Preparing every student for the next level of education is a priority for all staff at Brewer Community School.  Our RTI (Response to Intervention) process allows us to identify students who are struggling and to provide additional support that meets their needs. These supports (interventions) provide targeted instruction for students in the areas of deficits.   As these interventions are applied, students are monitored closely to track progress. Brewer Community School is fortunate to have Title IA, a federally funded program, which offers extra help for students in the areas of reading and math.  This intervention is supplemental to the reading and math instruction offered by the classroom teacher.  Qualifying students must be below grade level in reading and/or math and meet the criteria set by local and state guidelines. Having RTI in our school, gives multiple supports for students to grow academically and socially to reach that next level of education.

Academic Acceleration

Appropriate educational planning is a key to student success, and we are committed to providing all Brewer students with challenging experiences to meet their educational needs. While many schools offer opportunities for academic acceleration to highly capable students, Brewer is unique in that we also provide opportunities for academic acceleration to our highly motivated students.

In Brewer, we recognize the critical role that motivation plays in our students’ academic success, and we provide many opportunities for our hard-working and highly capable students. Our Gifted & Talented Program offers differentiated learning experiences in lieu of the regular curricula, and students work in creative and innovative ways to solve real-world problems. Brewer High School offers one of the most comprehensive Advanced Placement programs in the state, with over 12 AP courses offered on-site. Early college experiences allow students who qualify to obtain college credit and move through our curricula at a faster pace. Our new BHS Honors Diploma provides high school students with a rigorous course of studies and collaborative educational experiences to help prepare them for a rich and rewarding post-secondary experience.

Special Education

For information regarding our Special Education Program please visit our Pupil Services page here.

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