Student Services

The Student Services Department’s mission is to support and challenge students to embrace a commitment to their learning, personal and social growth and career development. The program addresses specific needs of its students. Our developmental approach to student services encourages working with teachers, guidance counselors, parents, the school nurse, and relevant community agencies and resources to carry out its goals. Student Services’ goals are linked to the Maine Learning Results and its Guiding Principles.

The Student Services curriculum provides students with information and skill development through class instruction, group interaction and individual guidance and counseling. Students’ progress is monitored with attention to advising them on course selection, meeting graduation requirements and working toward meeting career goals. In addition to the regularly scheduled appointments, students are encouraged to see their counselor as the need arises throughout the year during their free time. Student Services helps students understand themselves so they learn to make better decisions about life.

Brewer Community School Guidance
and Student Services
92 Pendleton St.
Phone: 207-404-5702
Fax: 207-404-5730
Mrs. Susan Blier
School Counselor
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Mrs. Amelia Craven
School Counselor
Craven, Amelia
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Mrs. Nancy Snowdeal
School Counselor
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Ms. Beth Babineau
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Mrs. Carol Warmuth
School Nurse
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